About us


End-of-Life Planning Foundation would like to help people deal with end-of-life issues pro-actively, and therefore offers legal, medical, financial, psychological and spiritual information on its website and at its live events. Someone who is well-informed, aware of his/her opportunities, rights and duties will be able to lead a more conscious life and preserve the desired living standards even in the last months and weeks.

Main values

  • Clear communication about questions regarding dying and death.
  • Multidisciplinary approach.
  • Co-operation with NGOs representing similar goals.
  • Respecting basic human rights of every person.
  • Sharing up-to-date and authentic information about end-of-life issues.


Our main purpose is to ease society’s taboo against death, to promote the enforcement of basic human rights until the very end of life, and to give people the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and wishes on dying and death openly at any point in their lives. Settling the issues of dying and death in advance can ease the situation of the dying person and his/her family, and also bring a calm mindset into the active years. Accepting one’s own mortality can enrich one’s life by discovering priorities, values, meaning and happiness.

We think it is important that the information collected by us will reach as many people as possible, so certain summaries and documents are available on our site. We organize events, where experts and the public can exchange their thoughts about end-of-life issues.


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We are using donations:

  • to organize educational programmes like talks, lectures and trainings,
  • to create informational materials,
  • to manage overall running costs.

Thank you for your support!