End-of-life Decisions

We all think about death from time to time. Our own, future death, or the death of someone who was close to us. Maybe you also have a personal experience about losing someone, and your memories might make you realise that it would have been better to know the wishes and will of the one you lost – in advance. If this loved one had left you with some guidance concerning all those questions around and after her/his death. If you would have had the chance, the time or the courage to talk about these issues beforehand.

End-of-life planning includes not only last wills and testaments, or the details of someone’s funeral. It can cover healthcare wishes, financial planning, personal views on dying and death, questions of spirituality and digital legacy.

Though end-of-life decisions only become urgent at the time of a serious disease, dying and death, if we start thinking and talking about these subjects while we are still healthy and active, we can make our last months more comfortable for ourselves and for our loved ones, and we can also experience a happier, more meaningful life until then.

Our goal is to promote this view and to offer help via these informational pages. (Please note that the information presented in these sites is only valid for Hungary.) We have put together summaries of several end-of-life issues, and useful documents to download. We organise events where you can meet experts and find the answer to your questions in person.